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Hittly is a community software for creators to build an audience, grow organically, moderate it effectively and monetize it. Start building a loyal army of followers now!


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It takes less than 5 minutes to get started, its totally free


Build your audience

You can run your community without charging your members for as long as you’d like, with no limits


Make money

When you’re ready, you can turn on paid subscriptions. We only make money when you make money. It’s win-win

I was frustrated, my community was just a Q&A site. Thats when i switched to Hittly. Hittly, by design, encourages conversations and the members now feel more connected than ever

Runs a Home automation community

At one point, I had a blog, a forum and a slack chat. It was messy, my customers were confused and it was overwhelming to me to maintain them. Now, I use Hittly and manage all three in one place

Runs Cloud DataWarehousing community

How is Hittly different from facebook groups / slack ?

We will Never sell your data

We will Never show any ads

We will Never control what shows on the feed

We will Never distract your users

You own everything, content and user's data

Indexed by Search engines

Use your own domain name to host your community

So, What do you get once you signup with Hittly

You get your own beautiful whitelabel community which you can choose to host on your own domain. You can customize it to your liking. You literally own everything - you can add, edit, delete content. you can download all the users email / data from the dashboard. you also have the power to shutdown the community itself.

Threaded posts

Powerful community features including user comments and favorites

Youtube like Homepage feed with images and videos

Vote based sorting brings the best posts to the top

Use Channels to filter content without having to go through the entire pile

Rich text editor to write, edit and publish your articles

Embed Images and Video without leaving the editor

Use your own domain name to host your community

Hittly combines the best features of modern chat platforms and old-school forums together into a format that makes it easy scale to any size.Unlike the boring Q & A forums, Hittly is built for conversations and supports rich media. It’s easy to embed YouTube and Vimeo videos and tweets into your posts. Just copy-and-paste the relevant URLs and the embeds will appear like magic. You can also upload images and gifs

Threaded posts

Here's few example sites built with Hittly


Space lovers community

Hobby Community

DataWarehousing Community

Knowledge Community

Automation community

Hobby Community

Need Inspiration ? Here's few ideas

For Creators

Teach a skill and build a community around it

Create a screencast and teach people coding

Writing a book? Build a community around the topic for some traction

Youtuber? Create a community and teach your audience

Move your facebook group or Slack group to a Hittly Community

For Businesses

Engage your customers with a community and help them succeed

Support community for your product to address issues globally

Acquisition Community - to teach and acquire more customers (lead magnet)

Community for your Industry

Training Community - To teach & train your customers / employees

Frequently asked Questions


Sandbox Community

Demo Community for you to play around