Frequently asked questions

How is Hittly different from other community softwares?

Most community softwares out there are question & answer style communities wheareas hittly by design is built for deep interactions and knowledge sharing. Hittly is super-simple, minimalistic and super fast. Hittly is one solution you will ever need to build your audience

Can I see the email addresses of my subscribers ?

Yes. Infact you have access to all the users data, content, and moderation tools from your dashboard

How is Hittly different from a facebook / slack group or Reddit

Ownership! Unlike these platforms, With Hittly, you own everything and we own nothing. You own the content, your users emails addresses, and everything. And most importantly we dont sell your data or make money by showing ads

Who owns my content on Hittly ?

You. You own the content, user data and all the media. You can choose to remove / delete them whenever you want to

Can I stop the community members from writing articles ?

Yes. You can turn off this feature from the dashboard

Can I host my community on my own domain?

Yes, First signup for an account on, after registration, From your dashboard, you can host your community on your domain or subdomain